Youth Ministry

Our young people take an active part in all aspects of our church life from our music group to helping lead services to bell-ringing and serving at services as well as the social life of our church.
They also have their own activities:
On every 2nd Sunday in the month at St Peter’s young people from school year 6 upwards meet between 6 and 7.30pm. We offer a wide range of activities from the serious to the silly. We have fun and games together but also learn and grow in understanding together and each session ends with a time of reflection.

On the 3rd Sunday of each month from 6.30pm to 8.00pm those from school year 9 and above gather at our youth leader’s home for a relaxed time of chat, discussion and refreshments ending with a time of prayer together.

Both groups are open to young people regardless of their existing links with the church.
Our duty of care
We approach all our work with young people in a caring and professional way with their spiritual, physical and emotional well being at heart.

All of the adults working with our young people are given guidelines for good working practice and are expected to work within them. They are also police checked before commencing work according to diocesan policy. Our younger helpers are encouraged and supervised by the adult workers.  
Our Safeguarding person is:
Andy plays an active part in the recruitment procedure and takes volunteers through the police checking. She is also available to discuss any concerns you have about the welfare of our young people.