Who's Who

Clergy Team

Team Rector -  
The Reverend Robert Eastwood Dewing
2 Brambling Lane, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 7NN
rector@portisheadparish.co.uk  846592
(rest day: Monday)

Team Pastor - The Reverend Chris Judson  
77 Nightingale Rise, Portishead, BS20 8LX
(rest day: Tuesday)
Team Pilgrim-  
The Reverend Mark Fuller
25 Lambourne Way, Portishead, BS20 7LQ
pilgrim@portisheadparish.co.uk 077663 10509
(rest day: Friday)



Children & Families Worker Fran Smettem




Christine Tipping                Pearl Walker             Steph McGilvary
Peter Duncan
Honorary Clergy
The Right Rev Roger Sainsbury, 847082
Hugh Capon, 814124
Mary Duncan 848609
Simon Stevens, 848487
Jenny Sully, 847599
Rodney Wheeler, 842985
Ken Wyatt, 849428
Juliet Bracken Church Office, St Barnabas Centre
West Hill, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 6LN
The following can be contacted via the Church Office 01275 846230 or office@portisheadparish.co.uk

Pastoral Assistants

Led by Reverend Chris Judson:


Christine Kilvington


Doreen Thomas

Jean Eburne

Mary Duncan





Angela Curtis




Jenny Beynon


Tricia Margerison




Pat Higgins

Pam Newton

Kayleigh Pullenger

Sharon Schools




Heather Welby




Hilary Finch




Carolyne Howe




Janet Sorley

Deputy Wardens
St Peter's Church:
Paul Jeffrey
St Nicholas' Church:
Chris Harries
Faculty Officer
John Neate
PCC Secretary
Gill Colston
Hon Treasurer
Tony Stubbs
Lead Verger (Weddings & Funerals)  
Brenda Greenham
Gift Aid Administrator
Funso Ojo
Planned Giving Envelopes
Pauline Dale 
Electoral Roll Officer
Judy Sutherland 
Music Directors
St Peter’s - Andrew Curtis 
St Nicholas’ - Roy Jukes
Music Group
St Peter’s Music Group - Cathy Jackson
Music Practice
Choir Practice:  
St Peter’s - Friday 7:30pm 
St Nicholas’ - Thursday 7:45pm
Music Group - St Peter's Church Wednesdays, 7.30pm 
Tower Correspondent
Carolyn Dawson
Bell practice Tuesday 7:30pm
St Peter’s - Jean Eburne
Altar Frontals
St Peter’s - Roger and Christine English
Church Flowers
St Peter’s - Anne Grandfield & Edna Burt  
St Nicholas’ - Pearl Walker
Parish Magazine Editors
Kathryn Phillips
Sarah Iles
Health & Safety and Safeguarding
Safeguarding - Andy Sparks safeguarding@portisheadparish.co.uk
Health & Safety - John Neate