Hitch Hiker's Guide to God

A discovery course exploring the Christian Faith...
A chance to ask questions… 
and begin to find some answers...
Portishead Church of England is offering a special course to help people discover more about the Christian faith.  Called The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to God, it is designed to provide an informal opportunity, in small groups, for individuals to develop their understanding of God and faith.  
The eight session course will run anually, and will explore our understanding of God, prayer and Christian lifestyle.  A chance to ask questions and begin to find some answers.  Regardless of whether you come to church regularly or not, the only qualification for the course is simply a desire to discover more.
For some the course will be an end in itself; others may wish to pursue things further.  Some may wish to use the course to prepare for Confirmation. For others it may provide a welcome opportunity to re-visit their faith.  Or others may wish to go on to join one of our House Groups where they can continue to discuss issues of faith in a relaxed and informal gathering.  The final session of the course, Journeying On, leaves individuals free to decide the right way forward for themselves; see also Who is Jesus for you?
If you would like to know more about The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to God then please contact Rob (01275 848934 or rector@portisheadparish.co.uk)