Christian Stewardship

...supporting your local Church

The Story so far…
Our churches of St Peter’s and St Nicholas’ are in good heart.  A large number of people contribute towards the on-going life of the Church and there is a strong desire to see the work of the Church locally go from strength to strength and be actively involved in supporting the local community. 
To achieve this requires considerable financial support. Our annual budget is currently £194,000 which is met in very large measure by the members of our congregations.  They pledge each year over £120,000 with gift aid on these donations bringing in a further £30,000.  We are very grateful for this generous support.
As a parish church, we receive no Government or Central Church funding.  All that we do depends on an increasing number of people realising that this is our church and that each and all of us need to make meaningful contributions towards sustaining and developing the work of the Church in our parish.
What next?
In gratitude to God for all His many blessings to you, as an expression of your commitment to Him and to help develop our church community life in Portishead, we invite you to consider how you can support your local church as it works to help the light shine more brightly in this parish. 
We hope you will want to be part of the Planned Giving Scheme for the church in our parish.  Regular giving helps with the planning of church finances and creates tax efficiencies, and above all expresses our commitment to God’s family, the Church.
How you can help
* If you are already part of our planned giving; thank you.  In support of our vision for the future of our Church, please will you prayerfully consider if you can increase your giving?
* If you are not part of our planned giving programme, please may we invite you to become one of our regular givers as together we seek to develop the life of our local Church?
* If you are a UK tax payer, by completing and signing a Gift Aid declaration your gift can be worth more to us, at no extra cost to yourself, as we can claim the tax on your gift.  This means that for every £1 you give, Portishead PCC receives £1.25
Please set your giving at a level which reflects how good God is to you, bearing in mind both your own particular circumstances and the needs of the Church in the coming years.
You may give by any of the following methods:
* By Bank Standing Order
This instructs your bank to transfer your agreed regular payments to the Church’s bank account.  This method of payment reduces our administration and ensures that donations are not forgotten. 
 * By Planned Giving Envelope
The Church can provide you with special envelopes in which to put your weekly giving, which you can then place in the Collection at Sunday service.  This form of giving is particularly appropriate for those who prefer to make their gift by cash.
 * By cheque
Cheques can be put on the collection plate at the church service or can be sent direct to the PCC Treasurer, The Church Office, St Barnabas Centre, West Hill, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 6LN
Please complete and return the Confidential Response Form which can be downloaded here & don’t forget to take advantage of giving by Gift Aid.
For further information please speak to John Littler on 01275 843367.