Star Trail

Advent 2018 is the tenth year that we are running the “Star Trail”.
Following on from the previous years' successes we have invited all the primary schools in Portishead to bring their chosen year groups, thereby reaching out to the wider community.
Over the course of three days, approximately 230 primary school children enjoyed this multi-sensory re-enactment of the journey of the wise men from Egypt to Bethlehem to bear witness to the birth of Christ. In addition we were able to run two open sessions for the general public, one on a Thursday evening and the other on Saturday morning. Both were extremely well attended and we welcomed over 160 visitors in total. Star Trail has already become a real community event on more than one level. It is only made possible by the generous amount of time and effort offered by people from both St Nicholas’ and St Peter’s Churches. This has ranged from helping to set up the trail, to welcoming visitors, baking star cookies, lending or finding resources, or participating in Star Trail itself. A really big thank you for the commitment of everyone involved, as this event really would not take place without people pulling together to make it the success it is. 
Already whispers of what is going on at “The Church” during advent have started to spread around the community. Many of our visitors to the open sessions had been encouraged to come along by children who had visited with school, or by friends and family. It is also particularly rewarding that schools from just outside the Portishead area were able to come along and join us.