We wish to commend to you the work of the Cruse Bereavement Care Portishead Group, they are part of the national organisation, for the national organisation's web site please see www.cruse.org.uk.
The death of someone close to you is always a shock even if the death was expected.  Adjusting to this change in circumstances can bring with it many different emotions as well as many practical changes.  In the initial period after the death relatives, friends and neighbours rally round.  But as time moves on you can be left feeling very much alone and having to cope with the practical and emotional 
Many people find it helpful to share their experience with someone they trust and respect.  Cruse has a strict rule of confidentiality and the extent of what is shared will be entirely up to you.
The death of someone you love can be a shattering experience but there is comfort to be found in knowing that many, many people have have come through similar experiences with the help and support of friends, family, the local clergy and organizations such as Cruse
Cruse Bereavement Care Portishead Group meets on the last Friday of every month, 10.30am – 12noon at the Wesley Centre, Methodist Church, High Street, Portishead.
For further information ring: 0117 926 4045 or e-mail bristol@cruse.org.uk
Or call the UK Cruse Helpline  0844 477 9400
Cruse is a registered charity no: 208078