Bible Reading Resources

The Bible tells the story of how God has related to his creation.  Understanding the Bible helps us understand more about God.  The Bible can be both an inspiring and a confusing book.
To help them understand the Bible better many in our congregations use Bible reading notes.  These suggest a short passage from the Bible to be read it day, provide a brief explanation of the passage and suggest a question to think about as well as a short prayer to say.
As different people value different approaches we offer a range of Bible reading notes to suit different tastes and different ages.  We use publications from CWR, RBC Ministries, BRF and Scripture Union.  Many are also available in large print.  Each publication has Bible notes for three months and all cost under £4 per quarter.
Books may be ordered from Ken Wyatt (01275 849428)  Samples of past quarters study notes are available free of charge from our churches.
BRF and Scripture Union Bible reading notes are also available electronically.  Visit www.biblereadingnotes.org.uk  or www.scriptureunion.org.uk

Other Bible Reading Resources

WordLive - offers Bible study on line
Biblenotes - an introduction to each book of the Bible
Biblos - offers Bible commentaries and different versions of the Bible
Biblesociety - starting place to search for buying a new Bible
Biblereadingnotes - on-line, downloads and hard copy Bible study notes

 Bible Reading Hints

  • Read a modern version you can understand.
  • Don’t try to read it from cover  to cover or to  use it as a luck dip.
  • Pray that God will help you understand what you read
  • Try to listen to what God is saying to you as you read the Bible
  • Use you imagination. What must it have been like for the people involved?
  • Try using Bible notes. They help you read and understand the Bible
  • Read a little bit and then think. Don’t expect to understand everything all of the time.